An Intervalometer

A simple intervalometer driven by a PIC microcontroller.

Martin Oldfield, 18 Jan 2015

Atmel pin macros

Brief notes on experimental macros for manipulating pins on AVR mega microcontrollers.

Martin Oldfield, 22 May 2014

SSR in a box

Brief notes on putting a solid-state relay in a box.

Martin Oldfield, 29 Apr 2014

A NTP driven Nixie Clock

A Nixie clock which gets its time from a Raspberry Pi pretending to be a GPS receiver.

Martin Oldfield, 29 Dec 2013

The AArduino

Although the Arduino is very convenient, I wanted to build my own from parts you can buy from RS or Farnell. Rather than cloning the Arduino, I took the opportunity to make some changes: I removed the USB/Serial interface because I've got a ICSP programmer, but added crude support for dual AA battery support. The AA cells suggest a good name: the AArduino!

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013

Stripboard Templates

A simple Perl script to generate blank stripboard templates.

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013

A Coordinate Decoder

A simple PIC-based coordinate decoder for geocache puzzles.

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013