The AD9833

Fun with the AD9833 clock generator.

Martin Oldfield, 25 Oct 2018

Cheap XY plotting with Arduinos

Brief notes on making an XY display with a cheap Arduino clone and ILI9340 display.

Martin Oldfield, 25 Nov 2015

XY plotting with Arduinos

Brief notes on plotting y(t) against x(t) using an Arduino Uno.

Martin Oldfield, 30 Aug 2015

Generating Lissajous Curves

Using a couple of AD9850s and an Arduino to plot Lissajous curves on an oscilloscope.

Martin Oldfield, 25 Aug 2015

Leaving Arduino

Although the Arduino continues to provide good, cheap, development boards, I increasingly dislike the IDE and software framework. Here are some notes on moving away from it.

Martin Oldfield, 24 May 2014

Avrdude Cookbook

I find it hard to remember the options I need when calling avrdude, but I don’t know enough to work them out reliably every time. So, here’s my handy crib-sheet.

Martin Oldfield, 23 May 2014

Arduino from the command line

How to compile Arduino code from the command line.

Martin Oldfield, 29 Dec 2013

The AArduino

Although the Arduino is very convenient, I wanted to build my own from parts you can buy from RS or Farnell. Rather than cloning the Arduino, I took the opportunity to make some changes: I removed the USB/Serial interface because I've got a ICSP programmer, but added crude support for dual AA battery support. The AA cells suggest a good name: the AArduino!

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013

MacOS X and the Olimex AVR-ISP500

How to make the Olimex AVR-ISP500 work on MacOS 10.5.6: install version 1.005 of the firmware.

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013