Magnetic Bison Tubes

How I make urban magnetic geocaches.

Martin Oldfield, 31 Oct 2018

Geocaching with FPGAs

A silly application for FPGAs: solving a niche class of geocaching puzzles.

Martin Oldfield, 24 May 2018

Useful Geocaching Links

Helpful links for geocaching: particularly puzzle solving.

Martin Oldfield, 04 Jan 2018

Cheap XY plotting with Arduinos

Brief notes on making an XY display with a cheap Arduino clone and ILI9340 display.

Martin Oldfield, 25 Nov 2015

Finding Geocaches in English

A short program to find caches which are described in English. Very handy when caching abroad!

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013

Faking geocaches in Garmin GPX files

Garmin GPS receivers have a special mode to handle geocaches, but it's not been clear to me how the gadget decides which waypoints are geocaches. These brief notes describe something which works for me.

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013

A Coordinate Decoder

A simple PIC-based coordinate decoder for geocache puzzles.

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013