Leaving Arduino

Although the Arduino continues to provide good, cheap, development boards, I increasingly dislike the IDE and software framework. Here are some notes on moving away from it.

Martin Oldfield, 24 May 2014

Avrdude Cookbook

I find it hard to remember the options I need when calling avrdude, but I don’t know enough to work them out reliably every time. So, here’s my handy crib-sheet.

Martin Oldfield, 23 May 2014

Atmel pin macros

Brief notes on experimental macros for manipulating pins on AVR mega microcontrollers.

Martin Oldfield, 22 May 2014

TCP-IP v4.16 and Olimex flash

An easy way to patch recent versions (e.g. 4.16) of the Microchip PIC TCP-IP stack to work with the Atmel flash EEPROMs on Olimex boards.

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013