Bayesian AB-testing

Some thoughts on AB-testing in a Bayesian framework.

Martin Oldfield, 13 May 2018

Gull’s Lighthouse

Gull’s 1988 Lighthouse problem, with an interactive demonstration.

Martin Oldfield, 29 Oct 2017

Waiting for six

Brief thoughts on a dice-rolling question in David MacKay’s book.

Martin Oldfield, 29 Jun 2017

Sons and Daughters

Exploring why various forms of family management don’t lead to more boys.

Martin Oldfield, 14 Dec 2014

A Toy Language Model

I wanted a toy language model so that I could write software which would identify the language of text.

The motivation for this is simple: given a list of geocaches, which ones have descriptions which I can understand!

Martin Oldfield, 05 Jun 2013