General notes

One of my Debian boxes runs something close to stock etch on both dom0 and most of the domUs. I had a minor issue upgrading one of the domUs to lenny, so I thought I'd document it.

Most stuff works

I did the upgrade without much thought, and it didn't go entirely smoothly: it took a few iterations of aptitude dist-upgrade to get there.

exim4 broke

I have a custom exim configuration, and the template format for the exim4.conf file has changed. I started from the new Debian file and added my own local changes again, that seemed to fix it.

libc6-xen is a bit odd

I found it necessary to tweak the configuration, as described in the Debian Xen Wiki1 which points to the XenFAQ.2

Before this tweak the logs are full of '4gb seg fixup' errors.